Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rough Cut

Okay, so here's our rough cut, and we have a lot of issues with it.

  • First of all the beginning is WAYYY too long. We had to cut it down, and right now it looks off because of cutting it down. So when we reshoot, we have a time frame we want to be in now which is 27 seconds (the beginning of Born this Way before she says "My mama told me...")
  • Second, the part where we talk is as well way too long, we don't have enough footage of shoots to go that long and we noticed that having the video of us talking was really boring, so instead of having a video, we're going to have a voice over of us explaining/discussing the movie. So while we're talking we'll have footage from photo shoots playing and stills of people. 
  • We're going to have to go over our script for what we're saying again to make sure that we don't go over a certain limit, or go off track and sound stupid. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Song for our video

another song we might use

song for our video

this could be one of the songs we will probably doing